sgd finalist 2022
show garden

Show Garden

About This Project

A garden landscape to increase awareness of mental attitudes

This garden aims to draw attention and increase awareness of one’s own and others’ mental attitudes by encouraging exploration of changing framed views and asking questions about the objective and subjective elements of the presented landscape.

The three main hardscape elements of the garden highlight different concepts, each with its own symbolic meaning.

The oversized corten frames set into concrete slabs represent the ‘frame of mind’, outlining the fragments of the landscape beyond them. The mirrored backdrop to the entire garden introduces the subjective – symbolising the mind reflecting the reality of the outside world.

The interlocking pattern of flowing water rills represents the flow of human thought, and encourages exploration by following the flow.

The lighting scheme is designed to take over the function of the flowing water after darkness with different light paths created by fibre optic cables embedded in the concrete slabs.


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