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Design Consultation

The design consultation is an opportunity to explore ideas and gain inspiration or address specific problems with your garden. It usually takes 2-3 hours and it is your opportunity to explore various options and ask questions about the garden.

The design consultation is tailored to your particular needs and situation and can concentrate on an overall vision, styling, planting or address a particular problem.

During the visit we will assess and analyse or garden situation, it strengths and weaknesses and highlight the opportunities for improvement and change. We will consider your needs and ideas. We then suggest appropriate landscaping solutions, colour themes, garden styles, plants and materials. You will have access to our considerable expertise and advice. We will suggest next steps or other services as appropriate to achieve your goals.

Garden Design

Our garden design is a comprehensive service that provides you with plans for your new or renovated space. It is a vital step in creating the garden you want. Following initial enquiry and site visit we prepare a comprehensive design proposal that will cover all the stages from survey and initial concept to fully landscaped and planted garden.

We will thoroughly assess your garden site and conduct a measured site survey to obtain an accurate plan to work from. We work with professional surveyors, and in appropriate cases provide an in-house survey.

We communicate our ideas with you through mood boards, plans and 3D visualisations to give you a clear vision of what the garden will look like when build. We use professional CAD software throughout for accuracy and flexibility and to seamlessly collaborate with other professionals that may be involved in your project such as Architects, Structural Engineers, or Planners. It also enables us to produce stunning realistic visualisations for your garden.

Once you are happy with the vision for your garden, we prepare detailed garden design plans for the landscape contractors to price the work and build the garden. We work with reputable landscapers to ensure that the garden is built as intended and to the highest standards. We can monitor the project construction and be on hand whenever advice is needed.

Detailed planting plans and schedules are then prepared, showing the exact location and variety of all the plants, new and existing. When the hard landscaping construction is finished, we can assist in supplying and setting out the planting as well as arranging and supervising the planting on site.

Planting Design

Great planting is what makes great gardens and is in equal parts art and science. It usually forms part of the comprehensive garden design service but in situation where the current landscaping is adequate but a change in look is needed, or the current planting declined or is not right for the situation we provide it as a stand-alone service.

We always work with site conditions to provide planting that thrives and is resilient, long lasting and easy to look after. We can supply the plants from specialist nurseries and arrange planting. We will advise on correct care for your new garden and provide you with interactive instructions via service, so that you will be able to identify and look after your new plants.

We are also able to revisit the garden at intervals to provide ongoing advice and address any issues.

Aftercare and advice

Your new garden is not the end product of the design – it’s only the beginning. It will mature and delight and surprise you, changing from season to season and year to year. We love to be involved with the gardens we designed and make sure they look great season after season.

In addition to the aftercare instructions prepared when we design the planting, we offer to visit the garden periodically or advice you and answer your questions.

We can also provide care plan for your existing planting, which is particularly useful where you may have inherited a mature garden form the previous owners and want to know how to look after it.

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