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Site Survey


Detailed Survey & Analysis

The Site Survey is an important step in the garden design process. We will accurately measure and record the site in order to determine the best layout for your new garden.

We work with highly qualified and professional surveyors to obtain accurate measurements that adhere to industry standards.

This data is used to create detailed plans to enable us to work with a higher degree of accuracy and create visuals so you can easily picture our designs.

After the survey, we conduct our own analysis of the site to further develop our understanding. We will consider various details such as sun and shade, soil conditions, prevailing wind directions, possible frost pockets, microclimate, overlooking neighbours, drainage, planning constraints and views to reveal or conceal. All of which will be thoroughly analysed during this stage of the design process.

Additionally, we’ll ensure that our design is ecologically responsible. For example, keeping mature trees and hedges in your garden can provide benefits for wildlife and also give your garden a mature look.

Once the site survey is complete, we will move onto the next phase to create a concept design for your new garden space.

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