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I’ve always loved the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. My childhood was spent roaming free in the beautiful countryside of central Poland – quite a different landscape to Surrey, with not a hill in sight, just rolling fields and woodland. The fields were full of wildflowers, and the woods were brimming with wild fruit, which I used to forage. I also used to work in my parent’s vegetable garden and spent a lot of time with my grandparents at their allotment, which was devoted as much to flowers as it was to fruit and vegetables. As a result, gardening is part of who I am.

My career of choice could not, however, have been further removed from the natural world. After briefly contemplating architecture, I graduated from Finance and Banking and started working in the industry. When I moved to the UK with my partner and young children, I concentrated on raising my family.


Eventually, we found our dream home in the beautiful Surrey Hills countryside near Dorking. After renovating the house, I turned my attention fully to the garden and rediscovered my passion. As my experience in creating and looking after my garden grew, I realised that not only did I want to design and care for my garden, but I also wanted to bring my skills to the professional level and start a new career in garden design.  


After completing OL Garden Design Diploma Course at KLC School of Design with distinction, I opened my garden design studio, Scamells Garden Design. I haven’t looked back since, as garden and landscape design are where I want to be. 


I aim to create gardens that remain in harmony with the people and environment and tread lightly on the land, but at the same time do not compromise on style or functionality. I love to try out new ideas and integrate modern approaches within my designs while also ensuring the garden remains in keeping with the property and fulfils the needs and ambitions of its owners.  


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors and active by walking my dog, running,  hiking, exploring nature or sampling good food! 



with love for gardening


Garden Designer