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Garden Design Consultation

garden design consultation

Initial Consultation

The first step for a successful project is meeting with you, the customer, and conducting a garden design consultation and site visit. To ensure that your garden reflects your aspirations and style preferences, we take the time to fully understand you and your needs, which allows us to create a totally unique garden.

The consultation is an opportunity to explore ideas and gain inspiration or address specific problems with your garden. It usually takes 2-3 hours and it is your opportunity to explore various options and ask questions about the garden.

The garden design consultation is tailored to your particular needs and situation and can concentrate on an overall vision, styling, planting or address a particular problem.

Our team is committed to providing a customer-focused experience, which involves listening carefully to your ideas and goals.

We will consider all aspects of your desired garden and discuss possible themes and styles as well as discuss the available budget. We will take time to understand your lifestyle, needs, aspirations and wishes as well as the site constraints, opportunities and available budget.

We will also take this opportunity to explain the range of services that we offer and answer any questions about the garden design process.

Design Brief and Proposal

Based on our meeting we will prepare a summary of your initial requirements and requests in the form of a Design Brief and a detailed Design Proposal. The documents will provide the clear roadmap to achieving your goals and full breakup of fees for our services.

This will give you a better understanding of the project and help ensure that everything is clear before we begin. It also serves as a reference document throughout the design process, ensuring that our work remains true to your original vision.

Once you have approved the Design Proposal, we will proceed with the design and conduct a site survey.

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