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Concept Garden Design

concept garden design

Concept Phase

The Concept phase is where the actual design process starts. To create a well-designed space that meets your specific needs we first analyse all aspects of the garden, including views, sunny and shady spaces, soil, drainage and existing features and plants.

Every detail is carefully considered – from the height of steps, placement of new features and focal points, circulation and movement through the space.

As a part of the concept garden design, we prepare moodboards – they add the details to the plans and views, helping in visualising the style of the garden, various options for materials and finishes, suggested key plants and features.

Samples of materials and finishes are also provided and often we go together to showrooms to see the product, discuss benefits and limitations of various products and help you to make choices.

3D Renders

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create a 3D visual representation of the garden layout. It’s an exciting phase that gives a clear picture of your how your garden is going to look and ensure that our vision aligns with your preferences.

Our 3D renders provide you with a realistic image of the appearance of the completed garden design.

Together, we then review the Garden Design Concept and give you time to think about what your new garden will be like.

Once you approve the concept, we will then work on the specifics of the detailed garden design and the final plan.

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