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reigate country garden

Reigate – Country Garden

About This Project

From a featureless lawn to a landscape that changes with the seasons

This large garden on the verge of the Surrey Hills (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) is nestled in woodland and surrounds a carefully renovated and modernised Arts and Craft’s property, approached by a long, slightly sloping curved gravel driveway.

The client had large corten flower beds installed at the front of the house, but apart form that the garden was an expanse of featureless lawn with some dated shrubberies and a laurel hedge that separated it from an independent service driveway beside.

The brief was to create a sense of arrival and add excitement to the front garden while complementing the modern elements introduced with the corten steel and create a scenery that changes with the seasons.

To achieve that we designed and added large flower beds sweeping as if across the driveway in bold curves and planted drifts of flowering perennials and grasses, carefully selected to perform throughout the year.

Masses of tulips and daffodils flower in early spring, making way for the perennials with blue, purple, and pink tones reigning from late spring to late summer and finally fading to rich autumn hues.

Narrow gabion columns add a modern touch to the space, complimenting the corten beds, and provide vertical interest and structure.

We also added lighting that is not only functional in leading the visitor to the house after darkness falls but also adds drama to the scene by highlighting the key features.

The whole area is enclosed by a curved layered hornbeam hedge that effectively screens the front garden from the service driveway and the garden beyond it and provides backdrop for the planting.

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