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dorking perennial meadow

Dorking – Perennial Meadow

About This Project

A wasted space transformed into a stunning sun-drenched perennial meadow

In the rear of an extensive country garden surrounded by woods, a neglected area held a murky and derelict pond. Overshadowed by self-seeded willow trees, the site was an unused and unattractive space. The client wanted to get rid of the pond and introduce natural beauty to the area, while ensuring it was in keeping with the surrounding landscape.

The solution was to fill in the pond and construct adequate drainage and open up the space to create a perennial wildflower meadow in its place. To achieve that we designed a bespoke seed mixture with primarily native and pollinator-friendly species, that are suited to the site’s conditions.

The area provides now a haven for local wildlife and pollinators, and is an attractive space to wander around from spring to early autumn. The season starts with daffodils and primroses followed by a changing tapestry of meadow flowers.

The paths that lead across the meadow are designed to invite visitors to wander around and immerse themselves in the landscape teaming with life and alive with colour. The whole area can be easily maintained with just a two cuts during the year.

In the next phase of the project, we will be focussing on the old gazebo and area behind the meadow, which is bordered by woodland. The gazebo is going to be renovated to provide a a relaxing spot to sit and admire the flowers and the scenery, while the area between the meadow and the woodland is going to be transformed into woodland edge garden.


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