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How to Care for your New Garden

Garden design is unique in the fact that it only constitutes a starting point in your relationship with the garden. All those new plants need time to settle and develop, as well as establish relationships with each other, as well as with the other garden inhabitants.

Gardens are dynamic spaces, full of change from season to season and from year to year, which often scares garden owners, and is often behind that request for low maintenance.

The maintenance here is a misnomer though – the garden does not need to be maintained in some unchanged state akin to the house interior – and trying to keep it still is what creates the work in the first place! So instead of trying to maintain the garden, we can help with the garden management after installation.

Firstly, the ways that a garden needs to be managed and the amount of time and experience of the owner or whoever is looking after the garden for you is taken into consideration from the start. So if you do not have any inclination to endless hedge trimming and deadheading there won’t be any plants that require that.

Secondly we will not leave you guessing and instead will provide a calendar with a breakdown of tasks that need to be done alongside simple to follow instructions. We use an online tool where all your plants and borders will be set up and that you can consult at any time, as well as receive prompts about the tasks via email if you like.

We will be on hand to advise and help as well if you are unsure how to do things. We can also help you find the right professional to look after the garden if you prefer someone else do do so.

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