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How it works

Initial consultation and site visit

The first step in to a successful project is meeting with the customer and a site visit. We’ll listen to you and ask questions to find out what your needs and aspirations are and appraise the garden space to establish how we can best assist you in achieving your goal. We’ll come back in writing with suggested scope and fee proposal for the works needed to achieve your ambitions. If you are happy to take it further we’ll get down to work!

Site survey and site appraisal

Site survey is a base for accurate design - it will be most often undertaken by a land surveyor, except for the smallest and simplest of sites We’ll revisit the site if needed to get a thorough understanding if the conditions and feel for the landscape.

Sketch/initial design

Armed with the survey and the information gathered at our initial meeting and site visits we’ll create an initial design in form of a plan and appropriate visuals such as perspective drawings an digital 3d model for discussion and your appraisal. This is the stage when you will be able to choose from available options and suggest changes.

Master plan

We’ll bring it all together and produce a master plan with all the design elements, materials and measurements that will form a blueprint for the works and base for the tender documents.

Detailed drawings and specifications

Detailed drawing and specifications, including technical drawings, setting out plans etc can be prepared at that stage to aid construction and tendering process will be prepared as necessary.


We can help in selecting and appointing a suitable contractor, or prepare documents to invite competitive quotes.

Project motoring

We’ll be on hand to monitor the progress of the landscaping works as needed or at agreed intervals to provide advice and reassurance.

Planting plans and plant schedule

To bring your garden to life we prepare detailed planting plans based on sound horticultural and environmental knowledge and analysis of your gardens conditions, so that you can enjoy your unique plant composition season after season.

Planting services

We can source your plants from reputable growers, set them out and organise and supervise the planting to make sure all is set for success. We’ll prepare an individual online maintenance schedule for your garden, with plenty of advice and resources, so you/your gardener know exactly how to look after your new garden, whatever your experience.


Gardens are living, dynamic spaces (dont’t stay still) and we will return to appraise how the garden develops, and help with any questions you may have.